Whether you're an infrastructure project, an international development agency, a property developer or a company CEO, your success is dependent on a wide range of stakeholders embracing your plans. That's not easy to achieve. We're here to help.


We are driven to see communities grow stronger and people enjoy improved quality of life. We want to help organisations and companies thrive as they achieve that.

Strategic Development Group offers outstanding technical experts with a depth of experience in working with communities to achieve shared objectives. We can help you consult meaningfully with your stakeholders and bring about transformative and sustainable change.


As its name suggests, Strategic Development Group is committed to being 'strategic' and committed to 'development' both in Australia and overseas.  We are conscious that development is often controversial, yet development is crucial to improving quality of life for so many people.  We therefore work with our clients – including governments, the private sector and not-for-profits – to help achieve development that is strategic. That is, development that makes a difference to people's lives in significant ways, development that communities love and embrace.

We do this by helping our clients to engage effectively with the communities affected by development, by helping clients plan and design their developments, and by helping clients manage and measure what they do.  And we do this by bringing together teams of people with expertise and relationships tailor-made to the requirements of our clients.

Our history

Strategic Development Group's origins date to 2002 when Michael Pilbrow left the Australian Government and started a one-person consultancy firm providing strategic planning and advice on international development.  

Over the next decade, the business grew and branched out into development in Australia, with a focus on community engagement and planning, and increasingly put together teams of experts.  In 2012, a company was formed called Pilbrow Global Pty Ltd, operating under the trading name Strategic Development Associates.  A team of employees was built and the company moved into larger projects and consultancies. 

 In 2016, after nearly two years with the company, Michael Collins became a joint owner and Director of the company.  On 1 July 2017, the company was renamed Strategic Development Group Pty Ltd.

Image: Bulli © 2017 Rowen Atkinson Photography