• Strategic Development Group has been an excellent source of specialist advice for Cardno. Their team has people with deep and wide experience, wisdom and independence that we have drawn on in a range of contexts. Strategic Development Group also brokered a significant partnership between our company and another organisation that will have a global impact for years to come. I recommend Strategic Development Group to companies looking for frank advice about positioning themselves in a changing global environment
    — Colin Adams, Area Manager, APAC IDA, Cardno
  • We have worked with Strategic Development Group on projects in Canberra, Sydney and regional NSW and we highly value their expertise and skill in community engagement and planning. They have run long-term and short-term community consultation processes, produced a well-received Social Impact Assessment and provided invaluable advice on working with stakeholders and managing difficult issues. We recommend Strategic Development Group to anyone who is looking for genuine community engagement with a personal touch in order to achieve development outcomes that have broad community acceptance.
    — Mark Grayson, Director, Town Planning, Knight Frank Australia
  • The team at Strategic Development Group have played a very valuable role in the planning and community engagement for a major cross-border development we have been working on for over a decade. They have helped to listen and take on board ideas from a wide range of community members in both the ACT and NSW – I have particularly appreciated the focus on personal relationships they bring to community engagement. They have also been very helpful in advising us on affordable housing, training and employment, and the political and economic context within which our company is working
    — David Maxwell, Managing Director, The Riverview Group
  • We were very happy with the quality of the design produced by the Strategic Development Group team for innovationXchange’s Australian Development Accelerator. The team delivered under budget and on time, and were highly responsive to our requests for additional assistance. The design process required several missions to DFAT Posts in Asia and the Pacific - the Strategic Development Group team carried these out effectively and efficiently. The team built strong relationships with our internal and external stakeholders - particularly among our NGO partners. We recommend Strategic Development Group highly for development program design and development innovation advice
    — David Kelly, Assistant Director, innovationXchange, DFAT