Here at Strategic we believe that development is inherently good and that done well, it can positively change people lives in significant ways.

That is why we work with companies, governments and organisations to design, engage and consult on projects that are forward thinking and build thriving communities.

Community Engagement
Community Engagement
Community Engagement

Community Engagement

We engage business, communities and other stakeholders to help them understand and shape major residential and infrastructure developments for better project outcomes.

International Development

We design, manage and evaluate aid programs for governments, multilateral banks and NGOs to improve infrastructure, health and economic outcomes throughout Asia, Africa and the Pacific.

corporate advisory

We help organisations to navigate change, create impactful partnerships and position themselves in a changing global environment; resulting in better outcomes for business and the broader community.



We help clients across Australia to engage meaningfully with people who will be affected by their developments. We specialise in infrastructure and residential developments.

Our aim is not just to mitigate the risks of opposition to a project, but to genuinely bring communities along with the project by including their ideas and aspirations in planning.   

 By working proactively with the community throughout the development process, we turn critics into champions, save clients time and money, and help build thriving communities.


  • Stakeholder mapping and engagement strategies

    • Identify priority community, industry and government stakeholders and their particular interests and concerns

    • Customised engagement strategies for each stakeholder to address their interests in your project

  • Delivery of Community Engagement programs

    • Conduct public meetings, community working groups and outreach activities

    • Creative community engagement initiatives such as café-based face-to-face consultations, displays and public exhibitions

  • Economic and Social Development

    • Affordable housing strategies

    • Job creation strategies, including training and employment opportunities to ensure economic benefits from large scale developments support local people

  • Community Development and Placemaking

    • Planning for, cultural hubs, sporting and health facilities, retail precincts and community spaces: assessing profit generation, productivity and usability

    • Social impact and social cohesion assessments, including changing demographics, future needs, access to employment and transport

  • Innovation and sustainability

    • Innovation precincts: we make innovation practical and real, turning ideas into jobs, education and business

    • Partnership brokerage: we specialise in cross industry connections for project design that brings innovation and sustainability from technology, education and the arts.

  • Community Problem Solving

    • Facilitate community conversation and mediation

    • Public meetings, surveys, complete community feedback loop

  • Strategic Communications

    • Proactive communication strategies to take your message to the community, the media and other identified stakeholders

    • Engaging messaging that communicates the details of your project clearly and effectively

"The team at Strategic Development Group have played a very valuable role in the planning and community engagement for a major cross-border development we have been working on for over a decade.  They have helped to listen and take on board ideas from a wide range of community members in both the ACT and NSW – I have particularly appreciated the focus on personal relationships they bring to community engagement.  They have also been very helpful in advising us on affordable housing, training and employment, and the political and economic context within which our company is working."

David Maxwell
Managing Director, The Riverview Group


Recent examples of our work include:

  • Ginninderry, NSW & ACT: Since 2009, we have provided community engagement services in the Yass Valley and Canberra for the Riverview Group for a NSW/ACT cross-border development with up to 11,500 homes and over 30,000 people.

  • Woodville Road, Western Sydney: Stakeholder mapping, engagement design and public consultations on behalf of a major residential development.

  • Ginninderra, ACT: Community engagement and community planning services for the CSIRO as it seeks to develop a new, cutting-edge residential community that utilises the best of the CSIRO’s science to create a liveable, sustainable community.

  • Dickson, ACT: Stakeholder analysis and Social Impact Assessment for the redevelopment of the Dickson Tradesman's Union Club (Dickson Tradies).

To find out more please read our Community Engagement Capability Statement


We are members of the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2) and ascribe to its principles of international best practice.  Our approach emphasises the value in building and maintaining open and respectful face-to-face relationships with the community. 


international development.jpg


We work with partners and communities around the world for poverty reduction and development that is empowering and inclusive.

We provide teams of expert development professionals, tailor-made to the needs of our clients. 

With deep experience across the globe, we bring a pragmatic approach that learns from what has and hasn't worked in the past.


  • Program design

  • Program implementation and management

  • Monitoring and evaluation

  • Strategy development and organisational planning

  • Advising on innovation in international development

  • Partnership brokering


Our people include leading experts in the fields of program design, monitoring and evaluation, governance, extractive industries, disability inclusion, development innovation, and community development, among others


“We were very happy with the quality of the design produced by the Strategic Development Group team for innovationXchange’s Australian Development Accelerator. The team delivered under budget and on time, and were highly responsive to our requests for additional assistance. The design process required several missions to DFAT Posts in Asia and the Pacific - the Strategic Development Group team carried these out effectively and efficiently. The team built strong relationships with our internal and external stakeholders - particularly among our NGO partners. We recommend Strategic Development Group highly for development program design and development innovation advice.”

David Kelly,
Assistant Director, innovationXchange, DFAT


Recent examples of our work include:

  • Evaluation of Australia's global advocacy on disability-inclusive development, for the Office of Development Effectiveness

  • Design of the Business Partnerships Platform, for DFAT

  • Strategic advice and partnership brokering, for AVI

  • Review of the World Bank's Pacific Strategy, for the World Bank

  • Design of the Australian Humanitarian Partnership, for DFAT and its partner NGOs

  • Design of the Development Innovation Fund, for the innovationXchange

  • Evaluation of the Vanuatu Education Support Program, for DFAT and the Government of Vanuatu

Our satisfied clients include:

  • Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade

  • World Bank

  • Clinton Foundation

  • ANU

  • Department of Immigration


  • AVI

  • Cardno

  • Australian Federal Police

  • CARE Australia



We help our clients – large and small – to change their destiny

The right strategy, the right partnership, the right process can make all the difference.

 Our approach emphasises collaboration – engaging our clients' staff and stakeholders in the journey of change – to ensure enduring success in the short- and long-term.

Strategic Development Group are a key associate to the Australia Pacific Training Coalition. They consistently demonstrate the ability to provide a variety of high quality strategic services to us across the region. These services range from advice on internal management systems and governance to broad development expertise in areas such as design, gender and labour mobility. Their team has a deep appreciation of and commitment to Australia’s support of Pacific Development and they have the networks, relationships and personal attributes to work effectively across the region. We greatly appreciate their role in working with us to achieve our goal of a more skilled, inclusive and productive Pacific workforce driving Pacific development and prosperity.

Soli Middleby,
CEO of Australia Pacific Training Coalition


  • Strategy development

  • Partnership brokering

  • Governance frameworks

  • Facilitation

  • Change management

  • Leadership and management mentoring

  • Corporate Social Responsibility programs

  • Advice on setting up community-owned, cooperative businesses



Recent examples of our work include:

  • Helping a major Australian NGO to position itself for a significant change in funding opportunities. Our support included advising on organisational structures, articulating the NGO's value proposition and brokering a partnership with a major Australian Company.

  • Advising a Group of Eight Australian University on strategy, and facilitating a change management process to position the university department to deliver on its strategy.

  • Facilitating a strategic planning process for DFAT's Governance, Fragility and Water Branch.

  • Co-founding and guiding the development and governance of Australia's largest patient-owned medical practice, the National Health Cooperative. 


We support businesses to ensure their operations are not exposed to the pernicious effects of modern slavery in their supply chains.

Modern slavery and exploitative labour conditions in business operations and supply chains can present a serious risk to businesses in almost every sector. In our hyperconnected world it is far too easy for a brand to be damaged by abuses by third-party suppliers, deep within supply chains and far removed from corporate headquarter scrutiny. Ensuring the ethical integrity of supply chains presents an opportunity for business to engage more deeply with their operations and ensure they have a positive impact on the lives of workers and their communities.

 The ethical integrity of supply chains and business operations is important to protecting brand reputation and meeting expectations of customers and investors. It is also about doing the right thing by workers. Federal and NSW Modern Slavery Acts will soon require large Australian businesses to report on their efforts to address the risk of modern slavery in business operations and supply chains. How businesses respond to the challenge of eradicating modern slavery will be a very public marker of their corporate culture and values.  

 Our approach is focused on supporting clients to address risks while also maximising the positive impact their business has on customers, workers and the communities within which they operate. We see this as good business strategy, a valuable opportunity to enhance business reputation, and the right thing to do. 

Our team brings experience in international development, labour rights advocacy, procurement and communications.



  • Modern slavery risk assessment and mitigation

  • Remediation strategies

  • Support with reporting under modern slavery legislation

  • Training on identifying risks of exploitation and modern slavery for management, employees and suppliers

  • Communication strategies

  • Advice on codes of conduct and due diligence