Past Projects - Community Engagement

Illawarra Retirement Trust community engagement project

IRT is an aged care provider who has been building and managing seniors living facilities for more than 50 years. Their aim is to create thriving seniors’ communities for the future well-being of Australia’s aging population. As part of their commitment to innovation and continual business improvement, IRT engaged Strategic Development Group to help them establish a co-design process which engaged local communities and prospective buyers. The co-design process aimed to increase awareness of IRT intent, create positive dialogue in the community and gather insights to inform the composition and design elements of future developments.


The co-design process has enabled IRT to validate and re-align their understanding of future buyer preferences and local needs. It has also helped drive a customer-centric culture within IRT. The consolidated findings for the first site have been used to inform the specifics of the design brief and Development Application prior to its submission for Council approval.

Participants involved in the consultative process were highly engaged, expressing it was “a great opportunity to provide input”. They were pleased to see IRT interested in their thoughts. There is increased awareness of IRT and their plans for the site which is expected to lead to increased demand for the new village. Participants appreciated “having specialists involved”, and they felt IRT was “very responsive to their ideas”.

Ginninderry and Strategic Development Group Partnership

Since 2009, we have provided community engagement services in the Yass Valley and Canberra for the Riverview Group for a NSW/ACT cross-border development with up to 11,500 homes and over 30,000 people.