We support businesses to ensure their operations are not exposed to the pernicious effects of modern slavery in their supply chains.

Modern slavery and exploitative labour conditions in business operations and supply chains can present a serious risk to businesses in almost every sector. In our hyperconnected world it is far too easy for a brand to be damaged by abuses by third-party suppliers, deep within supply chains and far removed from corporate headquarter scrutiny. Ensuring the ethical integrity of supply chains presents an opportunity for business to engage more deeply with their operations and ensure they have a positive impact on the lives of workers and their communities.

 The ethical integrity of supply chains and business operations is important to protecting brand reputation and meeting expectations of customers and investors. It is also about doing the right thing by workers. Federal and NSW Modern Slavery Acts will soon require large Australian businesses to report on their efforts to address the risk of modern slavery in business operations and supply chains. How businesses respond to the challenge of eradicating modern slavery will be a very public marker of their corporate culture and values.  

 Our approach is focused on supporting clients to address risks while also maximising the positive impact their business has on customers, workers and the communities within which they operate. We see this as good business strategy, a valuable opportunity to enhance business reputation, and the right thing to do. 

Our team brings experience in international development, labour rights advocacy, procurement and communications.



  • Modern slavery risk assessment and mitigation

  • Remediation strategies

  • Support with reporting under modern slavery legislation

  • Training on identifying risks of exploitation and modern slavery for management, employees and suppliers

  • Communication strategies

  • Advice on codes of conduct and due diligence